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Homeroom - Blue Nurse's Form due Friday, May 17th

Math Homework - None

Science Homework - None
ELA Homework - Reading test and Vocabulary quiz due Friday, May 17th

Interview Essay - 2 paragraph essay from interview due Friday, May 17th

Reading Log due Thursday, May 23rd

Social Studies - None
ELA - Vocabulary Unit 5, Week 2
1. assume - taking something for granted, or supposing it is so

2. guarantee - to make sure or certain of something

3. nominate - to suggest or propose that the person be chosen, such as a candidate for an office

4. obviously - something being easily seen or understood

5. rely - to trust or depend on someone or something

6. supportive - provide approval, aid, or encouragement to others

7. sympathy - feeling and understanding someone's troubles

8. weakling - a person who lacks physical strength
Spelling List -
No new spelling words at this time