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HOMEWORK 5.17.19
- Review Grammar packet for test on Monday
- Review for Southwest and West states and capitals test on May 22nd.
We are in Unit 5, Week 5. New information sheets were sent home.

Reminder- Please continue reading each evening. The reading Log is due on May 30th.
We are working in Unit 5, Week 5. New spelling lists were sent home.
Unit 7 Multiplication of a Fraction by a Whole Number; Measurement
Unit 9 Energy
Test is scheduled for Monday, May 20th.
We will be traveling around the country. Our last stop, Southwest and West States and Capitals.

New papers were sent home (states/capitals, and abbreviations). Test is scheduled for Wednesday, May 22nd.

Aww, snap!

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Students need to have a chapter book to read in school. Students may visit the book room to sign out books on their levels.
Please read the letter sent home, it explains the new Cougar P.R.I.D.E. program.
Book orders due:

Class Code: RGCM6
Week of :


As part of making our classroom more of a community, your child will have the opportunity to be “Cougar of the Week.” Please plan to bring a photo biography to share with our class about your personal history- complete with photos, images, and captions that help us get to know you, your family, and your friends and any other special items you wish to share. Your photo biography can include information about any of the following topics:

• Your family
• Where you’re from
• Where you’ve been
• Your friends
• Interesting events from your past
• Your unique personality traits
• Your dreams and plans for your future
• Anything else you want to share!
• (Pease, no pets in the school building-photos will be fine!)

Please bring a visual (such as a poster) to share with your classmates and post on our “Cougar of the Week” bulletin board. Your poster should be no larger than two feet by three feet- a normal sized poster board works best.

Cougar of the Week presentations will occur on Friday of your special week, so please come prepared.

We look forward to learning more about each unique member of our class during “Cougar of the Week” presentations.