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My name is DOREEN TUFFY. I graduated from Kutztown University in Art Education and have been teaching at Valley View for 40 years. My students will learn the Elements of Design- LINE, SHAPE, COLOR, SPACE, TEXTURE, and PATTERNS. They will be introduced to composition, portraits landscape, still life, two dimensional and three dimensional works of art. Art can increase their perception through the senses. Art is expressive of their ideas and feelings to themselves and others. Art is one way to focus in on ideas and to represent an idea symbolically. Art gives us a record of man's achievements. Art informs us about other people, both past and present. Art knowledge helps increase our aesthetic sensitivity in art choices. Art is one way to respond to our environment. Art is everywhere in everything we touch and use in our lives.
Third Grade
We will be working on Patterns, 7 Line Cubism Analogous Color, Sponge Painting, Georgia O'Keeffe Flowers, Pablo Picasso Self portraits, Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers, Fish Tanks crayon resist, just to name a few.
Fourth Grade
We will be working on Crayon Etching, Paper Mache, Monte Water Lilies, Pointillism, Glue Resist Watercolor Safari, Printing Mexican animals, Marks, just to name a few.
Fifth Grade
We will be working on Cross Hatching, Ocean Floor, Tiles in symmetrical patterns and Color scheme, Self Portraits, Foreshorten View, Watercolor, Stuffed Objects, Weaving, just to name a few.