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***Please be aware that the tutors listed below are Private Pay and not part of Valley View School District's services or responsibilityThank you!


Al Callejas                     Elementary Teacher                 Cell 570-650-9858, School 570-489-7579


Marisa Callejas             Intermediate Teacher               Cell 570-575-4173, School 570-876-2263


Tim Callejas                  Intermediate Teacher               Cell 570-877-4124, School 570-876-2263


Kristine Casarella         Intermediate Teacher             School 570-876-



Kyle Davis                     Intermediate Teacher               Cell 570-903-5280,


Jamie Lastauskas         Intermediate Teacher              Cell 570-241-6085


Meghan Mileski            Intermediate Teacher              School 570-876-2263


Jennifer Munley            Sp. Education Teacher            Cell 570-499-7943,


Jill Pierson                     Sp. Education Teacher             Cell 570-872-6584


Sue Scanlon                   Intermediate Teacher              Cell 570-313-0604, School 570-876-2263


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