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Class Information

about 1 year ago


As a co-taught special education teacher, my job is to assist the children in the classroom with special needs and to provide them with the core plus more.   This includes both academic and behavioral needs. I work to meet the goals and objectives as well as specially designed instruction listed in their IEP's.  I also provide assistance to all of the children within the classroom as needed.  I work with children in small groups and one-on-one, and I also have the opportunity to teach various lessons throughout the day.  

The general education teacher is Mrs. Jamie Lastauskas.   

Our classroom assistant is Ann Galantini.   

Our School Day is from 8:15 (students enter the building) to 3:15 (dismissal).  

Throughout the day, we work on a variety of activities.  Here is a sample of our busy and

fun schedule:


- Calendar

- Snack and Bathroom

- Fundations Reading Series

-Movement Break

- Wonders Reading Series



-Math in the Everyday Math Series

-Specials (Gym, STEM, computers, Art, and Music) 

- IE (During this time, students work on the individual levels to meet their needs)

-Snack and Bathroom

- Story and Poem

- Activity 

- Dismissal 

News Letter-

Students will receive a weekly newsletters highlighting important dates and events. 

Folders and Homework-    

Students bring home their folder nightly.  Please empty the side which is labeled keep at home.  Please review the side which is labeled return to school.  This side will contain homework which will be labeled with an "H".  Please assist your child in completing the homework and return it to school the next day.  It may also contain forms which need to be completed and returned or signed.  

Thursday Folder

On Thursdays, the children will bring home their Thursday folders which will contain important school wide or elementary school notices.  Again, please review their information and complete and return it as needed.   

Behavior Plan-

Our classroom follows the school wide positive behavior support plan- PRIDE.  Children are rewarded with 1 dollar (white), 2 dollar(purple), or 5 dollar (blue) cougar dollars.  They can save their cougar dollars to spend at the cougar store every Friday.  They are also rewarded with fun monthly blowouts.  

Students begin their day with their clips on green.  If students display extra very positive behaviors or make exceptional choices, they can be moved to purple.  For extremely  extra special choices and behavior, they will be moved to blue.  They will receive a positive reward letter home.  They will also get their name placed on a blue star which will be displayedAfter a warning for non-desired behaviors, students will first be moved to yellow.  If the behaviors continue, they will be moved to orange.  They will also have to complete a "stop and think from"  The students will discuss with the teacher their behavior, and how they can replace this behavior with more positive choices.  The form will be sent home.  It must be signed and returned by parents.  If the behavior continues, students will be moved to red.  A red letter will be sent home which parents must sign and return.  Finally, if the behavior continues, the students will be moved to white and will have to see the principal, a consequence may follow.   Students' clips can move fluidly throughout the day.    

  Free and Reduced Lunch and Breakfast-

 Students can receive free breakfast and lunch with the necessary paperwork.  You can request a copy of the paperwork, and you can complete and return it to the school for approval.  


about 1 year ago

Rotating Schedule-

Day 1- Gym- Miss Valentini (please wear gym pants or shorts, sneakers, and shorts without buttons)

Day 2- Stem- Miss Vadella

Day 3- Computers- Mrs. Davis

Day 4- Art- Mrs. Swingle

Day 5- Music- Mrs. Fanucci 


about 1 year ago

Based on individual needs, the students also receive-

(in a small group or one-on-one for 30 minutes, number of times per week varies based on the child and the needs highlighted in the IEP) 

- Speech Therapy- Monday through Friday, day varies per child (Miss Troiani)

- Occupational Therapy- Tuesday (Miss Chrissy)

 - Physical Therapy- Tuesday- (Mr. Nick or Miss Missy)

- Vision Therapy- as needed (Miss Jackie)

 - Orientation and Mobility Therapy- as needed  (Miss Erin)


about 1 year ago

Review sight words nightly.  The List is in the center portion of your child's folder.  

Co Taught Classroom

about 1 year ago

My Child’s Co Taught Classroom-

 Kindergarten is a fun an exciting year in your child’s life.  It is a major milestone and the first year of his/her official school career.  Your child is learning many important social skills, including riding the bus, eating in a cafeteria, switching classes for specials classes, how to play with other children at recess, and how to follow the school and classroom rules.  In addition, he/she is also learning the core skills in many academic areas, including reading, math, and writing.  When your child begins kindergarten, he/she will be learning letters and by the end of the year, we are working on reading simple stories.  In math, he/she will begin learning the numbers and how to count and by the end of the year working on simple addition and subtraction.  Finally, in writing, he/she will begin the year with letter and ending the year writing his/her name and some sentences.  These are all major accomplishments. 

 Coteaching will be beneficial to all of the students in the classroom when working to reach these social and academics goals.  Coteaching is when two certified teachers are present in the classroom and they work together through the teaching process: planning, teaching, and assessing progress. Students frequently have different learning styles and preferences. Coteaching often allows those different needs to be more easily met.

 Having two teachers in the same classroom looks different depending on the activity we’re doing in class and the needs of the students. Sometimes we like to split the class into two groups with each teacher teaching one of the groups; this allows for a smaller teacher-to-student ratio and the option to adapt the lesson to meet the needs of the students in each group. Occasionally, one teacher will pull a small group or one child (for one on one instruction) aside for additional-support instruction while the other teacher works with the whole group on extension activities. This way, students receive additional help when needed or they receive meaningful extension activities led by a teacher instead of busywork to complete independently at their desk. Finally, at times, one teacher leads the group and the other teacher circulates the room to assist any students who requires assistance.  If you are interested in learning more about the different coteaching strategies available, this website offers quick summaries of each strategy:

 You got to see a sample of co-teaching on back to school night.  We broke into two groups.  Mrs. Lastauskas worked with the parents, and Mrs. Dench worked with the children.  If you have any questions or concerns, we are available via email: Melissa Dench ( and Jamie Lastauskas ( .   You can also call us at the Elementary School at 570-489-7579.

 We are looking forward to a great school year and working with your child in this unique and beneficial environment, and we look forward to seeing his/her success both academically and socially!